If you live within the boundaries of this map, you are a constituent of the Clark County School District’s Trustee District D. When elected, your best interest and those of your school-age children as they pertain to the education and educational concerns will be my priority. I would appreciate your vote as I apply my best effort to become your next CCSD Trustee District D to represent you and your school-age children.

In turn, I will show up for you!
CCSD - D Map
A great majority of these 76 marvelous schools listed below have not had the pleasure of a visit from their School District D Trustee who claims to represent their interest. I will visit every one of these schools as many times as I am needed, and even when I am not. It is my pleasure to know that I will be in position to assist their teachers, support staff, and students in a concerted effort to make all these schools’ function at their very best. I will show up.
Elementary Schools
Adams, Kirk L.
Beckley, Will
Bracken, Walter
Brookman, Eileen B.
Cahlan, Marion
Cambeiro, Arturo
Cortez, Manuel J.
Diaz, Ruben P.
Earl, Ira J.
Edwards, Elbert
Gragson, Oran K.
Heard, Lomie G.
Herr, Helen
Herron, Fay
Hewetson, Halle
Hickey, Lilliam Lujanx
Hollingsworth, Howard
Jeffers, Jay W.
Keller, Charlotte And Jerry
King, Jr., Martin Luther
Lake, Robert E.
Long, Walter V.
Lunt, Robert
Lynch, Ann
Martinez, Reynaldo L.
Mccall, Quannah
Miley Achievement Center
Miller, Sandy Searles
Moore, William
Mountain View
Park, John S.
Petersen, Dean
Ronnow, C.C.
Rundle, Richard J.
Snyder, William E.
Squires, C.P.
Sunrise Acres
Tate, Myrtle
Thomas, Ruby S.
Wengert, Cyril
Williams, Tom
Middle Schools
Bailey, Dr. William (Bob) H
Bridger, Jim
Fremont, John C.
Keller, Duane D.
Knudson, K.O.
Martin, Roy W.
Monaco, Mario C. & Joanne
O'callaghan, Mike
Orr, William E.
Obison, Dell H.
Smith, J.d.
Von Tobel, Ed
High Schools
Desert Pines
Global Community
Las Vegas Academy
Sunrise Mountain
Alternative/Special Education Schools
Child Haven
County Detention Center
Juvenile Detention 3-5
Juvenile Detention 6-12
Miley Achievement Center
Morris Sunset East HS
Quest Program 6-un
Stewart, Helen J.
Variety K-5 Es
Paid for by The Committee to Elect Fernando Romero for CCSD Trustee - D